Amplify Your Income

And Become An Authority Figure By Getting Booked On Top-Rated Podcasts

14-Day Guarantee: If you’re not booked on your first podcast within 14 days, I’ll book you on 5 shows for FREE

Ali Boone, Hipster Investments

“Having my own business, I obviously have to deal with a million different employees/contractors, and Trevor is easily at the top of my list for the easiest, nicest, and most productive people I work with. If you want to be on a podcast, Trevor is the guy. Not only has he gotten me on great podcasts (and big ones, too, not just little pointless one), but his communication and the ease of working with him is insurmountable.”

Why Podcasts?

Amplify: Your Income

Increase: Your Exposure

Authority: In Your Niche

Reach: Your Target Market

Generate: New Clients and Leads

Become: An Influencer

Build: Lasting Relationships


Justin Stenstrom, Host of The Elite Man Podcast

“Trevor has been a tremendous help for me and my team. He takes a ton of the work of finding great guests out of my hands and affords me the time to focus on so many other important things. He’s a truly invaluable resource for my podcast and I can’t recommend his services any more highly! Trevor is worth every penny he charges when it comes to the podcast game.”

How The Process Works

  1. You fill out an application by applying: HERE

  2. Once we’ve received your application, you’ll be sent to a scheduling link to schedule a call to discuss what you’re looking for

  3. After the call, our team will start by working on creating a personalized pitch for you

  4. When the podcast pitch is done and approved by you, we start work and go through our rolodex of potential podcasts for you

  5. We give you about 25 potential initial podcasts for you to approve

  6. After you’ve approved of the shows and pitch, we start our process of getting you booked on podcasts!

    This process can be done in as little as a week!

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Alex Nerney, Create and Go

“What would I do without this guy? Personally - I hate outreach. Outreach is no bueno for me. It's tedious, boring, and a big distraction from the things in my business I want to focus on. But as a business owner, I knew I needed to get my message out there to a bigger audience! Trevor saved the day. Dude takes care of EVERYTHING podcasting outreach related and makes things incredibly easy for me. Got featured on multiple podcasts within the first couple of weeks and things have been rolling ever since. Hire him! He's legit!”

How Much Does It Cost

We work on a commission only structure meaning that we don’t invoice you until you have done an interview with the podcast host. We can book you on as many or little podcasts you’d like depending on your needs.

We have two separate options for your podcast needs!

Option 1 - $150 (per show)


  • Customized Researched Shows For You

  • Customized Pitch For You

  • Dedicated Booking Agent

  • Email follow-up

  • Scheduling Shows For You!

Option 2 - $300 (per show)

Includes everything in Option 1 AND:

  • Customized One Sheet

  • 30-Minute Strategy Call to Discuss Lead Magnet

  • 3 Audiograms Taken From Your Interview

  • 3 Customized Social Media Posts From Your Interview

Here’s what hosts have to say about our pitch

Tony Whatley

Tony Whatley, Host of Driven 365

“I get pitched so often that I'm rarely surprised by quality, nowadays.”

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14-Day Guarantee: If you’re not booked on your first podcast within 14 days, I’ll book you on 5 shows for FREE


Lucas Rockwood, Host of The Lucas Rockwood Show

"Trevor is great at researching, reaching out, and booking guests for my show. He's responsive, professional and great at finding good matches. Highly recommend."

14-Day Guarantee: If you’re not booked on your first podcast within 14 days, I’ll book you on 5 shows for FREE


Brett Swarts, Capital Gains Tax Solutions

“You have been more than exceeding expectations! When you booked me on Joe's show.....I felt beyond grateful for your efforts. I've been trying to get on this show for over a 1 year. This made my whole week. This is amazing! thanks so much for this.”

Meet The Team


Trevor Oldham, Founder at Podcasting You

Trevor Oldham is the Founder of Podcasting You where he’s helped clients get booked on over 1,000 podcasts. Trevor has worked in the podcasting industry for over 4 years now. In his spare time, Trevor likes to play golf and read personal development books.


Stacy Mojica, Podcast Booking Assistant

Stacy works as the right-hand assistant in the day-to-day operations for Podcasting You. Stacy and her husband, Jose have lived in Georgia, Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado. They now have three daughters and are about to settle down near her family in New York. In her spare time, Stacy runs a blog with her cousin called Gold Millennial.


Lightning, Podcast Barking Agent

Lightning encourages Trevor to take long walks after a hard days work. He is fond of treats and belly rubs. He’s been known to eat your dinner off the countertop if you walk into another room. His current pay is 5 dog bones per week.